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Rednour & Associate’s Real Estate Division is second to none! The skill set, marketing outreach and capability combined with the thousand plus real estate transactions we have been involved in have made our firm dominate in Kentucky ’s Real Estate arena.

There is nothing easy or simple about selling or buying real estate and whether you are a veteran to the process or a young family just buying your first home or an investor embarking on a path to become wealthy, it can be a wonderful, fun experience or it could be a nightmare and put your family at risk in one way or another.  Many times the difference in the two outcomes is the company that you choose to guide you and represent you through the process. 

You may have often heard on the radio, seen on a billboard or newspaper ad, or possibly on one of our company vehicles...

“One Stop Shop for ALL things Real Estate”

Well….we pride ourselves in that.  All types of real estate are not alike and require different strategies, training, knowledge base, and resources.  Selling or buying a house in a subdivision is not the same as selling or buying a commercial property in town just as selling or buying a farm property is much different than buying a Bank REO, Government Foreclosure, or selling a 300 acre recreational or timber property.  WE do it all! And….we do it all really well! After all, this is how we make a living and support our families, so we make sure that we know what we are talking about.

Lastly, having a company working for you that is experienced, has supreme knowledge in there field, up to date technology, etc is great and that is why we make sure we remain on the cutting edge.  However, none of that matters if the folks who are working for you are complacent.  The real estate market changes daily.  Back in the day your real estate agent could put a sign in the yard, run an ad in the local paper and your house would sale sooner than later.  It's not like that anymore.  You need a firm that is aggressive, hard working and is continually strategizing, researching, and pounding the pavement until your goals are reached…whatever that may mean for you.

All Real Estate companies advertise to one degree or another.  What most people don’t realize is that in today’s economy, simple advertising just doesn’t work.  You need a firm that has a broad reach and a strategic marketing plan.  Rednour & Associates takes pride in our marketing capabilities.  We spend a lot of money making sure that if we are trying to sell something to you, we have the ability to reach every potential buyer for your asset. From radio, magazines, newspapers, hand flyers, billboards, Kroger shopping carts, community events, and thousands of internet syndications, we got you covered.  Likewise..If we are representing you as a buyer, you need someone who is experienced in Kentucky ’s landscape and economy.   Real Estate values vary across the commonwealth and so does the laws, regulations, zoning, etc and the economy.  You need an agent that can advise you accordingly and if necessary speak to you in Spanish if that is what it takes..Again…..we got you covered!

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