Rules and Regulations

Rednour Community Rules and Regulations

The following are a series of rules and requirements put in place to ensure the safety and comfort of our residents and to preserve the value and condition of the properties. We provide them here so that current and prospective tenants alike can see exactly what we expect from our communities. Please let us know if you have any questions!

No personal belongings of any type are to be left on lawns, walks, parking areas, stairs, landings, patios, public halls, or in any other common areas. Only items approved for outdoor use may be stored or kept on any patio, porch or deck area that may be attached to the lease premises.

No cars, trucks, trailers, campers, boats, recreational vehicles motorcycles or similar vehicles are to be stored in the parking areas without prior written consent of the LANDLORD. Vehicles will be considered “stored” when they have not been moved for seven (7) days, and will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

No vehicle maintenance of any kind including washing is permitted within the complex parking areas. All vehicles must be fully licensed and operable. In addition, washing of vehicles and maintenance such as changing oil, or minor engine repair is strictly prohibited. All vehicles must be fully licensed and operable.

Loud and boisterous noise or physical action of any objectionable, abusive or threatening nature by any resident or guest towards management or other residents or guests is not permitted.

In consideration of your neighbors, TENANTS shall not congregate outside their apartments and shall reduce in volume any television or stereo and keep overall noise in the apartment to a minimum between the hours of 9:00pm and 7:00am.

All trash, garbage, and waste of any kind must be kept in an appropriate container and be stored either inside the unit or on the side patio only. Trash containers must be placed curbside at the appropriate time for pickup or all trash should be transferred to the appropriate disposal area in your complex. Failure to do so may result in the assessment of a twenty dollar ($20) inappropriate trash disposal fee.

No furniture, large boxes, etc. may be placed curbside or around dumpsters for pickup. TENANT will be charged a twenty dollar ($20) removal fee for any large item disposed of inappropriately.

Soliciting or loitering of any kind is strictly prohibited within the complex. Please notify LANDLORD if it occurs.

No sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, or any other objects or materials not specifically designed for such disposal, shall be placed in the toilet. TENANT shall be charged reasonable repair costs for their removal if they cause plumbing problems or other related damages.

No signs, banners, advertisements or any other materials or objections shall be placed in windows, on walls (both exterior and interior) so as to be seen from the outside, except with written permission of LANDLORD. All window treatments visible from the outside should appear white in color. Sheets, blankets, towels, etc, are not permitted to be hung in any window.

No tenant may be convicted of a criminal offense or delinquent act including, but not limited to, injury or attempted injury to person or property.

The use, attempted use, manufacturing, sale or distribution of drugs is strictly prohibited. LANDLORD has a zero tolerance policy regarding these issues and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in addition to any remedies provided in the lease agreement.

Children and other authorized residents of leased premises shall not behave in such a manner as to constitute an annoyance to other TENNANTS.

No contact paper, adhesive fasteners, or any other object or material utilizing adhesives shall be attached to any surfaces within the apartment. The LANDLORD wants you to be able to decorate your apartment as you wish, but please contact the LANDLORD as to they type of fasteners recommended.

No antenna or other appurtenances shall be placed on the building, including satellite dishes, so as to be seen from the outside, without prior written consent from the LANDLORD.

Yard or auction sales are prohibited within the complex without the written permission of the LANDLORD.

Bicycles, motorcycles, including motorbikes and mini-bikes, shall not be parked in the breezeways, hallways, patios, sidewalks, or grass. These should be parked at areas specified by the LANDLORD.

TENANT shall not install any appliance or machinery in the leased premises at anytime without the expressed written permission of the LANDLORD. Installation of a washer or dryer in units with appropriate connections permitted.

Laundry facilities are available for the exclusive use of our residents during the hours posted. Residents are requested not to permit their children to go to the laundry room unless attended by an adult. Management cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of articles. Please comply with all rules posted in laundry areas.

No children under the age of thirteen (13) shall be left alone in the apartment or at the complex without the supervision of an adult.

It will be considered a breach of TENANT’S lease agreement if the police or any law enforcement agency is called on TENANT or any guest, family member, or employee of TENANT more than once.

Any maintenance or security issue should be submitted only to one of the office locations or via our website or 24-hour toll free number.

TENANT shall keep the premises in a clean and sanitary condition at all times. Including but not limited to, cleaning appliances, keep closets and storage areas clean and fee of debris, and generally complying with all laws, health, and policy requirements with respect to said premises and appurtenances, and save LANDLORD harmless from all fines, penalties and costs from violations or noncompliance by TENANT with all of said laws, requirements, regulations, and all liability arising out of such violations and noncompliance’s.

A legitimate written complaint concerning noise or disturbances caused by TENANT OR THEIR GUESTS will result in a written warning. A second written complaint concerning noise or disturbances cause by TENANT OR THEIR GUESTS may, at the discretion of the LANDLORD, result in the termination of your lease agreement.

Adding or allowing other people to live in the household must be approved by LANDLORD.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the grounds, common areas, parking lots, etc.

Grills are allowed in the complex and should be covered when not in use. TENANT will be responsible for disposing of ashes properly by putting them in a trash bag and taking them to the dumpster. TENANT will also be responsible for any fires, accidents or damages that occur because of said grill.

Shower curtains are required.

Littering is prohibited.

TENANT must not add or change the locks on the apartment. If it is found that TENANT has changed the locks on the leased apartment, LANDLORD will change the locks back the TENANT will be charged a seventy five dollar ($75) fee for replacement of the locks.

Flammable or toxic substances and kerosene, oil or any other types of portable heaters are not permitted to be stored or used in the leased premises.

TENANT must compensate LANDLORD for any damages to the grounds, trees, or shrubs on the property caused by TENANT, TENANT’s family, or TENANT’s guests. Any TENANT witnessing any act of destruction or vandalism is to report it to LANDLORD immediately.

Water beds are prohibited unless expressed written permission is given by LANDLORD.

At properties where a swimming pool is present, TENANT’S are expected to follow and abide by all posted rules and regulations that govern its use. LANDLORD will not assume responsibility for the safety of you, your family members or guests who use our facilities. All pool facilities are use at your own risk and no lifeguard is on duty.