Leasing Process

We are glad that you are thinking about making your home at one of our Communities! From here it is a very simple process to get you moved in to your new home.

First you will want to submit a very simple rental application. OnceĀ one of our Leasing Agents has an opportunity to review your application we will contact you to set up an appointment to view the apartment.

After you have had an opportunity to see your new home up close and personal and we have answered all your questions we will complete the leasing process. Our Lease is very simple and one of our Agents will conver it in detail with you. In general our leases are for one year and there is a small Administrative Fee due upon lease signing along with your first months rent, but there is absolutely NO SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIRED!

Once your lease is completed we will do one more quick walk through of your new home to make sure there is nothing that we need to do before you move in and then you will receive your keys!!!

In most cases, when we have an available apartment, the total process can take less than ONE HOUR! Contact a leasing agent today via the link below and be sure to fill out your application.